Airport Runway Survey

Airport Runway Survey - Large Scale

TSS is involved in surveying landing and take-off facilities of the main runways of the International Airports. It has vast experienced professionals to offer the Airport Runway Survey Services to the clients. We follow all the industrial norms and guidelines in rendering these services. With the help and support of our engineers and other team members, we ensure the prompt and timely execution of the projects.

It does the following types of Airport Runway Surveys:

  • Airport Airspace Analysis (AAA) Surveys
  • Image and Ground Surveys

And more it focuses on delivering quality work on time with assured quality procedures. It follows international quality survey methods as mentioned below:

  • Project Observation (Execution) Plan
  • Geo-Referencing
  • Feature Extraction
  • Obstruction Analysis
  • Prior Survey Data
  • Field Survey Methods
  • Geodetic Control
  • Runway Data
  • Navigational Aid Data
  • Airport Feature Data
  • Equipment Listing
  • Quality Assurance Process