Geophysical Survey

Geophysical Survey Services

Geophysical survey is the systematic collection of geophysical data for spatial studies. Our company’s professionals use a great variety of sensing instruments, and data will be collected from above or below the Earth's surface or from aerial, orbital or marine platforms. Our experienced team provides Geophysical Survey Services to the clients in Energy, Geotechnical, Civil Engineering, Mineral, Archaeological and Environmental sectors. We are specialized in the areas such as Microgravity, seismic refraction, seismic reflection, MASW, borehole seismic, ground radar (GPR surveys), magnetic and electromagnetic. The scale of work we carry out extends from regional exploration surveys down to local investigations for engineering or environmental projects. Common targets for geophysics include bedrock profiles, water/ mineral resources, geotechnical properties, archaeological structures, voids, geo-hazards, UXO, brown-field features, geothermal prospects, mine-workings and many others.

Benefits of using Our Professionals

  • Able to work with complex software and manage information digitally
  • Poses good scientific and technical skills and knowledge
  • Have good numeracy skills
  • They pay careful attention to the details
  • Have good observational skills
  • Have a methodical approach to problem solving
  • Have physical stamina for doing site visits