Survey Instruments Supply


We supply All kinds of Survey instruments on rental basis on agreed cost. If your project demands high-quality land surveying equipment, we have the top brands of products that will stand up to the job. If you would like to hire surveying equipment such as transit levels, total stations, dumpy levels, surveying instrument tripods, heavy duty surveyors safety vests, hand levels, hand tools and other land surveying supplies and accessories, we have all these with latest technologies.

We carry a wide variety of commercial-grade surveying tools, including land surveying tripods, surveying bipods, planimeters, levels, auto-levels, hand levels, surveyors brush axes, land surveying markers, land surveying rods, marking machines, surveying prisms, surveying prism poles, total stations, GPS equipment, bags and cases, surveyors roll flagging, theodolites, transits, grade rods, stakes, mag nails, pk nails, magnetic locators, tribrachs and land surveying equipment adapters. [View Instruments List]