Topographic Survey Service

Topographic Survey Services

We do the Topographic Surveys for 5 years which are used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth or slightly above or below the earths surface.

"A thorough topographical land survey is essential to any project that you are considering and can diminish the possibility of costly mistakes or unforeseen issues."

We are the most experienced and specialized professionals in Land Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Built Surveys, Geophysical Surveys, Steel Structure Surveys, and Commercial & Industrial Building Surveys.We do the accurate surveys with latest technologies by the high-end professionals for the affordable cost but assured quality. The amount and type of topographical survey detail collected on site is based on your specification. However our experienced land surveyors will use their knowledge of planning issues to provide additional information that might be vital for any future design or planning application.

The final topographical survey drawings will be provided as output either digital or hard copies depending on your requirements, such as hard copies on paper, or film medium, all at standard scales. Digital information can be provided in either 2D or 3D in file formats (DWG, DXF, MxGenio).

We wish you to deliver quality and accurate survey works on time with affordable budget.

Benefits of using Our Professionals

  • Apply the laws & procedures relating to land ownership, boundaries and titles when undertaking Surveying work
  • Accurately map out positions of boundaries where land is subdivided, bought or sold
  • Able to study and understand the natural and urban environment
  • Able to manage projects from planning approval through construction for land development
  • We use cutting-edge technology such as GPS and laser technology to measure angles and distances on the land